October 19, 2007

Hospital Visit - Not what we expected for the day

Well, during our visit to the pediatrician's office, he took one look at James' throat and felt it and said, "I know you won't like this, but we need to get a CT Scan on this". He said it was hard and that concerned him. He then sent us to Johns Hopkins Pediatric Emergency Room to get it checked out.

Lee met us at the hospital. We held it together and I was proud. I think that helped in James' handling all of it - immensely. It was a trying day. They put in an IV, drew blood, had that tested, came back positive except for the inflammatory indicator, sent us to ultrasound. Ultrasound said that it wasn't an abscess (fluid filled and needing to be drained) necessarily but more like many inflamed lymph nodes all together there in the neck. Antibiotics was most likely.

Our pediatrician was fantastic, and even called to check up on us. I talked with him and he said we would do an IV antibiotic before we left and then oral antibiotics - strong antibiotics. He fell asleep during the hour long IV antibiotic drip so that was nice.

The worst part about today was the waiting, and waiting, and waiting. But James did get a slinky from the staff (he got to pick out of a box) and when we picked up the prescription, he got a special Transformer robot toy that his friend Jack has and he's always talking about.

Lots of love to our little boy tonight. We are shaken but happy to know what wonderful medical treatment we have in our backyard. Hopefully James feels better very, very soon. 6 1/2 hours in the hospital (or as James called it, the airport since it was so big) was not fun.

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