July 21, 2009

Etame's Baptism

Sunday was Etame's Baptism. It was also two days after the first anniversary of us first meeting her in Ethiopia. It was a special weekend indeed!

Calvin's parents came down from PA and our good friends Buddy and Cecile were named Etame's godparents. She is blessed to have such wonderful people look after her and guide her in her Christian faith. Mother Annette baptised Etame and Mother Mary assisted in prayer. We feel very connected to this church of Locust Point. Calvin and Landon were baptised here as well and it's a small, inviting congregation.

Etame wore her Ethiopian traditional dress which they gave her at the care center, including a shawl. She was also given the most beautiful silver jewelry, a cross from her grandparents and a bracelet which says "blessed" from her godparents. She wore it all proudly and rather enjoyed the attention up at the alter.

July 20, 2009

Vegas Dress!

I just finished sewing this dress tonight, ready to take on our trip to Vegas.

It is hot pink and makes quite a statement. In fact, Calvin's statement when I put in on was, "what's that?" Not exactly what I was going for. But nonetheless I love it. He spent the rest of the night qualifying his statement (and digging a deeper hole). I think what he really meant to say was, "when did you go shopping and how much money did you spend on that fabulous, expensive-looking dress?".

With a pair of black heel sandals, it will be great... in Vegas.

My new favorite fabric, jersey knit (so comfortable and easy to sew!) and my new favorite sewing book, Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin. The neckline and sleeves are similar to my favorite black shirt, just elastic in casings.

I love using the serger for garments and although the knit fabric was difficult to cut out precise, it sewed up quite nicely and is very forgiving. I can't remember how much the fabric was. I would love to say, this only cost me "X" dollars. The fabric was from A Fabric Place here in Baltimore, which I can't say enough good things about. I've heard that Dick Cheney's wife or wife's dressmaker even comes up to buy from this store. They stock a ton of designer fabrics and a very friendly family runs it and helps you out so much. It's a treat to go in there, really.

Here's the actual color...

I even have my own tags! Someday when I have my own line, they will be in all my garments.

July 17, 2009

Our New House!

We are so thrilled to have found "our little country house".

Our closing date is August 31, which is also Landon's first day of school. Anyone who knows us knows that we don't avoid chaos in our lives. We like to keep it exciting!

Here is the outside (1.75 acres with probably only 1 acre landscaped):

And here is the kitchen and garage (they are selling the tractor/lawnmower and cart to us too):

Finally, here are more rooms (there are 5 bedrooms!) and the pool table, which they are selling with the house:

I took Landon to the school he will attend for Kindergarten and we met the principal, a nice classy man. I am thrilled for him to go to this school which has national Blue Ribbon recognition. We are on cloud nine about this whole move. Bring on the boxes!!!

At the Beach