November 20, 2009

The Makeover

Well I've been away for a bit. Quiet on here means projects are brewing at home.

I have been working in our family room. Do you think it needed it? Cluttered and dark, this room needed a lift.

Before pictures showing what we inherited - wood paneling and dark brick fireplace wall.

Ready for the dramatic results?

Paint can do wonders! Lighting helps too. I painted the brick a bright white around the fireplace. The walls are a super light grey. It was not easy to paint and I have the blisters to prove it.

I hope it doesn't look a showroom at IKEA. I did get a lot of the products there - fabric for the drapes, the bookcase, baskets, lamps, and picture frames. The drapes took a solid two days to make. They were A LOT of work but just because I wanted to make them pleated and decided to do an inverted box pleat instead of the traditional 3-fold. I love them!

We got the new sectional at Macy's. Now we can enjoy it sitting in our nice clean fresh room with new drapes and toys organized. Now I can concentrate on housework (so neglected since I started this makeover) and of course other projects!

There are still a few things we need for the room. A new TV for one - it is dwarfed with the new mega furniture and in comparison to the fireplace. White trim work to replace the wood colored trim is next, and some sort of colored glass tile to modernize the fireplace. More colored pillows and decor will also follow. Oh, and lastly, I do want to change the lighting in here from the 2 overhead lights to one chandelier/contemporary light over the little table and put a bigger game table there, and some recessed lighting throughout the room. I also would like a white cabinet to the right of the fireplace, blending into the brick wall and providing more storage.

Phew - I guess there is still a lot to be done! Of course the next project is the super-outdated bathroom with peachy pansy wallpaper, wooden toilet seat, pink toilet and disgusting vanity. That project I'm saving for next week for when my fabulous parents come into town. Happy Thanksgiving to them! I will take before and after pictures on this too of course.

November 3, 2009

Sewing with Etame

The Snack Bag Makeover

In the interest of being an honest crafter, I feel it's important to post (some) of my failed projects. This is one.

I tried to make Landon a snack bag for school. It has to have his name on it and "snack" and I was tired of throwing away paper bags each day when sending them with hi and writing the same thing each day. So, here was my first attempt. I tried to use free-hand stitching and it just didn't come out like I had hoped.

He did use it for a few weeks until this week when I had a chance to make a new and improved one. This time out of fun truck print canvas fabric that I bought at Superbuzzy a while back.

I can see now that the next picture wasn't too in focus as I was hurrying to take this shot. It has his initials in felt and closes with a star button and elastic loop.

Onto the next project again!

November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Oh, how Landon was excited to go to school on Halloween party day. Here he is at the classroom party...

Then they had a costume parade (he's 4th in line)...

They paraded to the tennis court and sang some Halloween songs...

Then came Halloween night. The first house, our dear neighbors...

Calvin surprised us all by coming down the walkway dressed as a Storm Trooper. Landon immediately whipped out his light saber and started to fight him. It was only a secret for a couple seconds until Calvin laugh bellowed from under his helmet...

Family picture. Etame was Ahsoka, I was Queen Padme Amidala, and Landon was Mace Windu, Jedi Master...

We had a great night meeting new neighbors (they're all new to us) and walking the neighborhood. I was happy to make all the costumes, minus Ahsoka's hat (thanks DJ!) and we splurged on the Storm Trooper helmet which is going to get lots of play time. All eyes are puffy today from too much candy, not enough sleep, and lots of excitement. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Onto the next project...