July 29, 2011

End of Year Gifts

Here are a couple projects I finished the school year with.  The first is an apron to put small treats in.  The school asked me to make it for prizes given out at the Spring Fair.


My last-minute teacher's gifts were fabric banners the teachers could use to decorate their classrooms.

The vibrant colors don't show here but they were fun and colorful with frogs, stars, butterflies, ladybugs, and all sorts of different patterns for future first graders to look at.

The teachers loved their gifts.  They were so appreciative which of course made it super fun to give.  That's what it's all about right?  The reaction?  Oh so worth all the hours of work.

I have to say I thought these would be a quicker sew.  I made 4 banners and each triangle had to be ironed and sewn on two sides after I cut them all out.  Then I sewed them onto bias tape to hold in and hide the third side on the top.

The quilt in the picture is a patchwork top I bought at a thrift store, sandwiched in some batting and put a backing made from an old chair slipcover which was just like muslin.  I quilted it up and sewed on a red border.  It's the perfect size to throw outside on the grass for a quick play session or to take to the soccer field to contain the kids somewhat.

I took my machine in to be cleaned and serviced.  It's about time since I've never done so in the 5 years I've owned it.  There has been more knitting going on here lately, since it can easily be taken on the go, to the pool and library.  What projects have you been working on?  Anything inspiring out there?  It only took me 3+ years to make the fabric banners I had seen out in blogland.

July 27, 2011

Mini Golf

A few weekends ago we went mini-golfing with our good friends. 

The kids blew through the course, thinking it was a time trial. 

At the last hole, Landon quickly sunk his put and then said, "Hey!  Where's my ball?!"

He didn't realize that's how mini-golf courses work and they keep your ball at the end.

Here's another gratuitous shot of Etame's hair style at the time...

July 23, 2011

The Four Hour Hair Style

It's true!  Etame's new hair style only took four whole hours to complete.  And not by me.  We went to a lady's house that had two AA (African American) daughters and was extremely experienced in all things braiding.

Amazingly, or not if you really know Etame's sweet and patient personality, she held still for all those hours and watched Disney Channel as this lady did cornrows on her.

Etame is thrilled with the new style and it's super easy now to take care of for the next two weeks.  She braided it up into two pigtails and then put "ballies" around the pigtails and three little pink bow beads on the end of each braid.

I don't know if I can stand to have her hair done like this very often, entertaining Tosca in a stranger's house all the while, but it's very cute and fun for a change of style.  She's gotten many compliments on it for sure!

July 5, 2011

I Love My Hair!

I've been meaning to share this video for a while.  So fitting since we are doing many hair styles with Etame lately.

July 4, 2011

Etame's First Hair Cut

At three years old, Etame took her first trip to the salon.  Finding a place that had a hair stylist in our area that specialized in AA hair was nearly impossible.

Etame got the full treatment.  First, a wash.  Then a cut.

Then a blow-dry.  She would have never been this still for me.  Fueled by lollipops, she sat still for nearly an hour.

And then almost fell asleep.  I had to hold her head up at the end while she was braiding her hair.

The hair stylist was very good with Etame.  I was hoping for lots of beads and box braids but she did some looser french braids on her, which started coming out in just one day.

All finished!

Etame loved the treatment and I took her out for ice cream afterwards for a special treat!