December 28, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Etame's favorite gift was her Easy Bake Oven.  We have already made miniscule cupcakes and equally tiny cookies.  But I have to admit it is fun, and I can only imagine how thrilling it is through the 4 year old's mind.  She is delighted.

Etame was so good as sharing, as expected.  Tosca was loving eating all the frosting.  She's "the  tester".

 And "the poser".

The worked nicely together and enjoyed their tiny creations and soupy overdecorated result.  Now each day the question is if we can pull out the Easy Bake again.

December 11, 2012

Birthday Girl Tosca

Tosca's birthday, back in October, was simple and sweet.  She enjoyed having a family dinner and then cake and presents to open!

The older kids enjoyed it just as much, blowing out her candles for her.  

And this is how she is most often, nothing on the lower half, full of life and loving everyone.  What a sweet joy she is.