December 27, 2007

School Christmas Pageant

James was Joseph in the school play. He really took the role seriously, telling us how Mary and Joseph weren't really married. When he first got asked to be Joseph, he said, "Well, who's gonna be Mary?". He's very careful about these decisions you know. I guess he must have thought Sophia made a good Mary because he went through with it. She was sweet, as were all the children. They looked great in the costumes we made for the play. Just simple robes in different colors. Very long but tied up with yarn belts.

Giggling with his friend David...
Thinking he's ninja Joseph...

Here with Miss LuAnn, his teacher (in red)...

The big production. They told the story, sang a couple songs, came back up for prayers from Pastor Robinson, and then were given gifts to take home. James mainly just stood up there, in his own world, giggling and playing with his cane/shepherd's hook.

December 26, 2007

Our Merry Christmas

The little church did not disappoint, beautifully lit by candlelight. James was busy making pictures for a little girl behind us. Did I mention he likes little girls? Especially blond ones like this one was.

Showing off his Transformer T-Shirt. He's a big fan, although we won't let him watch the movie. Honestly, he doesn't really know a movie exists.

The Pulley. It is a BIG attraction, hung in the hallway so he can carry heavy stuff up for us from downstairs to upstairs. Kind of like they do in Amsterdam. :-)

Our fabulous steak and lobster dinner. We just discovered a new tradition for sure! We ate by candlelight with our nice tablecloth (from France). It was just so good.

James' only disappointment was that he got the Power Ranger mask in addition to the Transformer he asked for from Santa. "Ohhhhhh.." he said, "I was going to ask for this for next Christmas". Ah, the dilemmas of a 3 year old.

December 24, 2007

Cartagena, Columbia

I want to start posting some pictures of our cruise. Maybe I'll do it daily, different ones from each location. Here, James is posing with the ladies for a picture. This is in Columbia in a market where our driver took us. We bought some coffee and later emerald earrings (for me!).

December 23, 2007

Our Snow Angel

The first snow, a couple weeks ago. James was completely excited to make his first snow angel. Here he is out on the back porch, rolling around in it with Indy.

He's still trying to put all this Santa business together. He recently asked us if Santa delivered presents from the sky and the reindeer threw them down on the houses. Then he asked if Santa gave presents to God. He's a thinker. Plus, he has all kinds of information about Joseph, which he was in his school play. He informed us that he wasn't married to Mary and that he really wasn't Jesus' dad. That God was. Today we had a good sermon at church about Joseph and his importance in his human role of dad to Jesus. I tried to get James to listen but he was too distracted by the pound cake that a friend had made for us. We had to dive into it before church was over - we were desperate! Lee had a birthday blessing and James thought the cake was for the occasion.

December 22, 2007

Pre-Christmas Rituals

The Santa parade on boats is one of our Christmas season rituals. We have done it twice now and it's one of those events that is so unique to Baltimore that you want to do it again next year.

December 19, 2007

New Coat

This was one of my projects from last summer that I finally finished. It's a cotton, black coat for James with a very textured fabric. Probably the most detailed and best sewing project I've ever completed or attempted. I was pleased with how it turned out. And button holes!

This is also another reason as to why I need photography lessons. Or a new camera.

Santa and God

A piece of our conversation today: "Mom, is Santa up in the sky right now?"

"No, he's at he North Pole making presents with the elves and preparing. He flies Christmas Eve night."

"Oh. Well does he give presents to God?"


December 13, 2007

My laptop's been hijacked...

... by a certain 3 year old. He has found and now wants to play it ALL THE TIME. He even talks about it when we're out and about. Hopefully it's a novelty and will pass. I don't like the idea of him being a video game junkie. ;-)

I wanted to post this picture of my latest craft project. This on top of finishing a jacket for James, a coat for myself, and 6 costumes for the school Christmas play. Whew. But it's been fun and I have a whole new slew of ideas I'm sketching for projects and presents to make in the new year.

We are supposed to be getting a major storm here over the weekend, although that's all I keep hearing the news talk about. I haven't heard of any details. Just teasers. People, I don't have time to hear the whole story - just give me a synopsis!

Here are the stockings, a tradition we are carrying into our family. Mine was made by my great aunt, when I was born I assume. Hence the lovely 70's gold.

December 4, 2007

Longer Yet...

We had high hopes of getting our referral by the end of the year. After talking with Holt this afternoon, I don't think that will happen. We are about 4th on the list waiting with Holt for a healthy infant girl from Ethiopia. There are maybe only one or two infant girls they have at the crisis center that are close to begin paper ready for adoption. I'm thinking more like February time frame just for the referral.

It was disappointing to hear that news today, but it is nice to hear they are moving forward and have a system that is forming. With Christmas nearly here, and a certain someone's birthday around the corner, we have plenty to keep us busy.

Many thanks to all of you good friends who have been checking on us lately. James is doing well with his arm. Using it normal if you can believe that. People must think we're lying when they see the sling (or "slinky" as he calls it). We're getting the car situation fixed soon and plan on holding out to purchase another car for now. Too much on our plate!

December 3, 2007

Update on James

We went to the orthopedic doctor today and she said James' neck injury will heal on its own. No need for surgery as it is not displaced. She also said it is one of the more painful breaks.

His pediatrician called tonight for an update. He was surprised they didn't catch it on the ship b/c it is not a small fracture in his opinion.

So James has to wear his sling while at school, no jumping, and no playing on the playground. It should heal in 4-6 weeks. There will be a callous that forms around the bone where it is mending, and we should see an increasingly larger bump for the next few weeks. Then it will go down as the bone absorbs it and the bump will disappear.

Sigh. Let's hope for a less exciting next couple months, as far as doctors are concerned. James has the whole play doctor thing down. He wanted Daddy to be the patient tonight, he was the nurse, and told him the doctor would be in shortly. Then he walked in again with a play drill. ha ha.

December 1, 2007

It's Fractured

We're back! We had a great time on the cruise, seeing Columbia, The Panama Canal, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. One of our favorite places was Santiago, Chile. It could be because we spent the longest there, deciding to take a bump on the airline and stay an extra night before flying home. It gave us a chance to talk with the Chileans and explore more of Santiago.

So back to the cruise, James hurt his clavicle while on the ship. It was around day 5, going through The Panama Canal. We weren't sure of the damage but as the trip went on we noticed a smallish bump and he favored it all the time. A few times the staff on the ship would pick him up under his arm and he would cry out in pain. We took him to the ship doctor twice and she did do an x-ray. It was so dark you couldn't hardly see anything, and she said if it were broken, he would be screaming out in pain when she pressed on it.

So fast forward to yesterday, a visit to our pediatrician at his request, and after a good x-ray... it's fractured. You an see it plain as day in the x-ray.

We're trying to have him take it easy today and rest. Ha ha. Not in his vocabulary. He has no slow or even medium speed, running from place to place, picking up heavy things, jumping on beds, climbing up the stairs. It's going to be a challenge. We do have a sling, which he hates. But we'll try to keep it on him. Last night he charged up the stairs, wearing it like a backpack.