June 24, 2010

New Life at the Coys

We have new life on the Coy property, symbolic, since we are preparing for a new life within our family too.

The little brown bird that has taken home in Landon's gourd he painted, drilled, and strung up last fall, has had babies!

There are several of them in there.  This little brown bird mama inspires me with her constant feeding of the little chicks. 

They have their mouths open each time I look at them, at least three times a day, and mama flies back and forth bringing them crickets, small worms, and flies.  Since we are only a couple feet away from their nest, we can see it all up close.

It's nothing like we've ever seen.  I suppose they will try to fly soon.  I will be as nervous as that mama bird when they take flight.

June 22, 2010

June Bugs

The nightly tradition around here is to go out around 8:30 and catch fireflies (or june bugs).

It's quite magical to see them flying all through the yards when it's so quiet outside, and even more magical to see the boys out trying to catch them.

Landon has been keeping a few in the jar each night in his room and then letting them out in the morning.  But this morning he came running downstairs declaring that 5 of them were gone.  Uh, what?  Yeah, he only opened the jar for a little bit and then he put it back on. 

So that part of the tradition may be discontinuing.

Still, it's fun to see memories being made and quality time being spent.

June 15, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration

My sister graduated! 

Please take a minute to visit her blog and congratulate her on her accomplishment.  Raising 8 kids and getting her degree with persistent and determination.  I really couldn't be more proud.  As she put it, she's "the happiest graduate".

Crazy for Kids


June 14, 2010

Summer Pajamas!

I've been meaning to sew up these kimono style pajamas for Etame since winter.  Now, they are finished and I have to say, I love them!

I used an Oliver + S Pattern for the first time.  The directions were easy and made for a crisply finished product.  I will definitely go to these patterns in the future for kids clothes.

Etame seemed to enjoy modeling her new pajamas.  I used some fabric from my stash that I picked up a couple years ago on a trip to Philadelphia.  The garment district there is great, and was my first introduction to such stores where the fabric is crammed in a narrow small store, on long round bolts, and you have to ask for help to get anything down.  They climb all the way up to the ceiling for you to get down something if you think you may like it.  This fabric was a vintage print they had down in their basement. 

The pattern I bought at Bolt in Portland last year when visiting with my good friend Michelle.

I think she likes them!

Next up: curtains for my friend Carrie.  Then possibly more curtains for a neighbor friend.  Busy sewing!

June 9, 2010

Etame's Adoption Finalization Day

Last Friday we had a court appointment to finalize Etame's adoption here in the US.  Although she was legally adopted by us through the paperwork while in Ethiopia, this means she will receive a US Birth Certificate which will make it much easier for her to do things when she is older such as get married (gasp!) and apply for a job. 

It was a hot day already at 9:30 in the morning.

Ready!  She is wearing a special little dress from Grandma and Grandpa and her little cross from them as well.  We all had necklaces on - Calvin and I from Ethiopia, and Landon from Mexico (his shark tooth prized possession - not sure of the connection but it felt special to him).  Everyone looked very sharp.

Here we are walking up the steps the courthouse.  Landon makes sure not to miss any good photo opp.

With the judge.  There were several families there that day and they say it's their happy day since it's the only time anyone ever wants to come to court.  Two other international adoption families were present as well so it was fun to talk with them.

Etame and Landon were both given teddy bears and we all shook the judges hand and were sent on our way!