December 31, 2009

More Snow!

We had some fun building a snow man and playing in the snow this morning. We didn't even try to take Etame out this time and she was perfectly content staying inside and watching us through the window.

When we were deciding what to put in for the face, Landon decided he was hungry so he ate the apple and we instead used a potato for the nose, berries for the eyes, and a vine for the mouth.

No New Year's plans for us. Just staying home near the fire. Happy New Year to all of you!

December 30, 2009

Sleeping "Little" Giant

Landon's sleeping pictures are such a contrast to what he is like during the day. Here is one from the other night when he fell asleep with his shades on...

He had said that the light was too bright but instead of turning it off, I guess he opted to wear sunglasses.

December 25, 2009

Christmas Cookies and a Finished Stocking

We try to make Christmas cookies each Sunday for Advent. This year we only made two different ones mainly because we are busy but also because I didn't want them around the house as more sugar temptations. We did finally make sugar cookies, at Landon's persistent requesting. It was messy, fun, and yummy.

I love the decorating and like to make all different colors of icing. I even use a cake decorating tool to pipe the edges first, so the frosting stays on top better (I once saw that tip on Martha I think). Etame just dumped on the sprinkles, all over the counter and the floor. Messy, messy, messy. But she had fun. I made the kids take off their shirts but Landon took it once step further and came around the corner with only his underwear on. haha. He didn't want any pictures, "No, you'll just put it on your computer".

Here are all of our stockings, complete with Etame's. I guess last year she didn't have one? We must have used a generic make-shift stocking. These are a tradition in our family. Mine is falling apart and although I will repair some of it, it reminds me of all the Christmases it has been through well loved and faithful. For Etame's stocking, I added a couple items that I had never tried: a free-hand reindeer, an ornament, and the baby Jesus. Felt is so forgiving and I'm always surprised that I can cut out something that I'm happy with.

Here it is up close. A little blurry but you get the idea. They were all filled by Santa this morning and we had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you did too, dear reader.

December 22, 2009

Conflict of the Day

The world according to a Kindergartner brings all kinds of confusing issues. Tonight's:

Landon comes up after watching Spongebob:

"Okay, here's the thing. Patrick is wearing blue and Sponge is wearing red. Sponge is clean and Patrick is dirty. They battle. Who do you want to win?"

Me: "Uh, do you want me to answer or is this a riddle?"

Landon: "Well, the problem is that our first president wore blue when he battled but Sponge is clean"

Me: "Oh, I see", still confused.

Landon: "So I guess Sponge because he's clean" and he runs off.

Me: Glad Spongebob cartoons are at least providing some analytical value.

Blizzard of 2009!

That's what all the news stations are calling it. And it was! We got about 2 feet of snow up where we are and definitely needed to use the snow blower attachment to the tractor. Here is Calvin trying to figure out the chains that kept falling off.

Headed out to play in the snow.

It was all fun and games until Etame fell into the snow.

Snowflakes on the eyelashes. I tried all day to achieve this look with no success.


The day after... much easier to use the blower.

Waking up after the snow. It has been so beautiful. Not sure when it will melt but it's still cold enough to keep it around for weeks.

Merry Christmas to you all! We're betting school will be canceled for the rest of the week, allowing us to start our Christmas break early. Decorating sugar cookies today!

December 4, 2009

The Makeover Part II - The Bathroom

This room was the second worse-decorated room in the new house. Wooden toilet seat, pink toilet, faux marble vanity top and plastic faux wood for the rest of the vanity, and a vinyl floor on concrete. It needed help and was a definite makeover waiting to happen since we first looked at the house.

It even had a Dixie cup dispenser! I could have left that for nostalgia.

This bathroom is downstairs and will be used as a guest bathroom since it's across from the guest bedroom and the bathroom has a shower behind the door.

Here is the after picture!

New tile floor - thanks Dad! New vanity and toilet - thanks Dad! New light - thanks Dad! I painted the walls a pretty blue/green, although this picture looks more green. It was a big undertaking but the transformation is so fun to see. It feels clean and fresh now. Recognize the wall tin decor, Amy?

We had a great Thanksgiving and it was so fun to have my parents here. So hard to say goodbye and the next day was really sad and lonely. But things are getting back to normal and I am shocked how much I have gotten done this week.

Tomorrow we are headed to NYC for a little shopping and dining to get us in the Christmas spirit - have I mentioned how much I love New York? Which is funny because the first time we went there we hated it. But now I love it and each time I go I wished we lived there. I may be over that, but we are lucky to be so close that we can go up and back in a day. I plan to hit the garment district because of course I need more fabric - haha.