August 23, 2009

Dancing on the... kitchen floor

Our nightly ritual is dancing in the kitchen while cooking dinner. Etame has caught on and poor girl is learning her dancing skills from me. (Please excuse the video quality - it's obviously not my specialty).

August 10, 2009

Ahhh Oregon

Here are more pictures of our trip to Oregon.

Etame loves her big brother and he is so good to her, taking her on a ride on his truck.

Here, cousin Grace is reading Etame a book. When she sees the camera, she really turns it on.

The last couple days we were in Oregon, she really turned on the personality. She is feisty and can have a temper at times.

Love those lips. Usually they are all slobber-covered.

August 9, 2009

New Backpack

I made a new backpack while in Oregon, for Landon and his start at Kindergarten.

Although I had no pattern, the inspiration was here. The outside is a heavy gray canvas and I used a medium weight interfacing on the front, back and flap to give it structure.

It is now known as The Harry Potter Backpack because of the owl and moon fabric which lines the inside, inside flap, and straps. Plus, we have to make it sound cool because he's entering that age where he wants commercialized products more and more.

School starts at the end of the month!