May 22, 2008

After our referral...

We have decided to name our new baby girl LaVaughn Etame Coy. LaVaughn was my gram's name and to me it evokes images of strength, femininity, caring, and cohesiveness (one time Calvin called me the glue of our family - I think it was the best compliment I've ever received).

I'm pretty sure I should be preparing for LaVaughn's arrival. But I feel paralyzed with all the excitement, not sure what to do. Plus, 4 months feels like a long time to prepare. With James' arrival we didn't even have the nursery finished and no diapers for him! So I guess we're not known for our preparedness. Maybe if I get the crib set up it will get me inspired.

I'm more interested in making her little clothes. It's hard to tell what size she will wear. 6 months? In the pictures we received the clothes are big on her but who knows what size they are.

Last night Lee and I went out to celebrate with dinner at a local restaurant (accompanied by lots of champagne) and then a trip to Barnes and Noble. I was able to get a embroidery book that I have been eying, purchased with a gift card from my dear sister - thanks sis!

James has been telling people about his new baby sister and took a picture of her to show his class. It will be a long wait. He already knows what he's getting her for Christmas - a pink Power Ranger mask! You can tell where his mind is because yesterday he brought home a play doctor set from school with paper cutouts for needles, medicine, and bandages. He told me he was going to give me a shot. A red fever shot. :-) We had told him before his yellow fever shot that he was going to get to go to Ethiopia with us if he got it. He did very well - maybe even better than I. So we can't change our minds now.

Holt has some news posts on their blog about the program assistant's trip to Ethiopia and the first Holt families to travel. There are pictures and it is fun to hear about the ceremonies and process that we will soon be experiencing. See it here >> Holt's Blog

May 15, 2008

Over the Moon!!!!!!

We are just so excited. We got the call this afternoon and couldn't be more thrilled.

I am trying to reach everyone by phone to share the details but then decided to post the good news!

She is 2 1/2 months old. Her name is Etame and she is beautiful. I can't post pictures on the Internet but just trust me - she's got big beautiful Ethiopian dark eyes. Very healthy. Lovely, just lovely.

Now the 4 month wait begins!

Waiting on pins and needles

I was hoping to get some birthday news yesterday from Holt. Didn't happen, but I did have such a good birthday. Lee gave me a new iPhone!!!!! I got flowers, and so much love from good friends and family.

It was a parade of well wishes all day and each time I checked the home machine. Very nice.

As for the referral call, it could happen any minute. I am told they have 7 referrals they are waiting to make, they are just waiting for pictures! Maybe they got them last night from Ethiopia. I hope so.

The weather is gorgeous here - not humid yet, and in the 70s. We've been out enjoying it as much as we can!

Here are some pictures of our trip to Oregon and the Oregon Coast. We couldn't have asked for a better time.

May 11, 2008

Boot Camp

I've been doing Boot Camp over in the park the last week with some other moms and ladies from the neighborhood. It's very GI Jane, especially in the pouring rain.

Lee is starting a men's boot camp later this month. James wants a kids boot camp. So tonight we acted like drill sergeants and made him do jumping jacks, running, push ups, and sit ups. We had a good laugh with a 4 year olds interpretation at all those maneuvers. James never gave up - just kept saying, "what's next?!"

Tomorrow there's 100% chance of rain so it looks like we'll be down in the grass with the worms again.

May 10, 2008

This (coming) week or the following week...

We are expecting a referral! I got some much-needed reassurance that the next batch of referrals has baby girls and that we should be expecting a referral this week or the following!

We are excited, but guarded excitement with a little disbelief thrown in there.

Hope to post good news soon. Lee thinks it will happen this coming week and I am betting the week after. I have to buy him Popeye's chicken (his fav) if he wins and if I win, he has to cook dinner.

Bet is on - but secretly I'm hoping he wins!