January 30, 2009

Busted Lip

Well, yesterday was eventful. We were headed up to dinner with friends, as we do each Thursday. James thought he would take a side detour and play on the ice with the kids before we went in. I barely got my coat off and he was running up crying and holding his lip, bleeding. We turned around and took him to the ER since it was a sizable wedge out of his lip.

While in the ER, there were all types. A lady whom was either an addict or had mental health problems sat down next to us. She started yelling things like, "It was the Valium! I knew it was my mom! He tried to kill him!" Just sporadically. Scary. She got up and darted down the hall toward the ER entrance when admittance yelled "Security!" and a couple men held her and escorted her into a room. Lots of children there from ice injuries and James' was the most minor. We waited 2 1/2 hours. I talked to my wonderful sister and she suggested we see a plastic surgeon if the cut was below the lip line. It was. We called our fabulous pediatrician again. We switched ERs down to Hopkins both because it was close to our house, we love the hospital, our pediatrician Dr. Goldstein is like royalty there, and they have plastic surgeons in-house as opposed to on-call.

We arrived at Hopkins and waited some more. We requested plastics and Dr. Goldstein had called ahead as well. James was finally seen by 3 doctors - a Sr. Plastic Surgeon and 2 residents trailing. He didn't need stitches, just a bonding agent (glue). So one Dr. glued, one Dr. held an iPhone movie up for James to watch, and one Dr. watched. How's that for the best care in the world? He wanted to stay the night. He reveled in the care. He loves Hopkins and so do we.

He was most disappointed that we missed Family Dinner. Our wonderful friends watched Etame (with minimal supplies I left them with), took her all the way down to Calvin in the city, packed us 2 dinners (one for James to eat in-route to the hospital initially) and one to have when we arrived home at midnight. We did too. We ate spaghetti and homemade meatballs at midnight and it tasted marvelous. Then James said he was tired, went upstairs and crawled into bed. I slept in his bed.

Etame is thrilled to have us home today and is resting well. James is having an easy day too, watching cartoons. We are blessed to have such wonderful friends who take care of us as a family, wonderful medical care, and blessed that James' injury wasn't more serious.

January 24, 2009

Christmas Pictures

I realize I am late to post these. So at the urging of my mom, here are some pictures of the kids at Christmas...

Blowing out the advent candle. The most anticipated event of the evening:

Read to eat our special lobster and steak dinner. We enjoyed the lobster tails so much we decided next year to drop the turf and just do surf:

Christmas cookie making. It's possible this was actually post-Christmas as we were a little behind on our activities:

Many Star Wars gifts for James this year. Now he asks us each about 10 times per day, "want to play lightsabers?":

Wow! Wrapping paper!:

How'd that get in there:
Etame looks a bit scared, no?:

One of her crazy fun looks. She is still our happy little girl:

The yearly visit from Santa at church. Love that we don't have to wait in lines at the mall to sit on his lap. Plus, they give out oranges to the kids. How cute is that? A little retro and I love our little church:

He was a shepherd, a proud shepherd too:

Never camera shy, James taking a minute to pose while walking in:

Beside having the flu run rampant through the house, we managed to have a very happy holiday. Please don't be offended if you did not get a Christmas card. No one did, yet. Maybe we'll make it a Valentine's Day card.

January 20, 2009

Watching the Inauguration

I wanted to go down to the inauguration today. But I am actually glad that I decided to stay home. With 2 little ones in tow, it would have been so difficult in the COLD. Plus, I don't see any strollers on the mall in the crowds of people. Maybe they don't allow them?

The ceremony is so moving. I really am inspired by all the people there to see Barack Obama begin office. But you know the most touching thing that has really struck me? Seeing Michelle Obama trying to entertain her children during all the music and speeches. Just like a true mother. She's got her back turned in every direction.

Oh, here we go... so exciting!

January 14, 2009


We are sad today. Yesterday we took our dog Indy to the emergency care after noticing she was lethargic and breathing heavy. She had internal bleeding and could barely walk. We had to make the decision to put her down. It's so hard to say goodbye to part of our family and we are all grieving her loss. She had seen us bring both of our children home to our family and was always good with them. She was a happy dog and protected us. We will miss her terribly.

Here is a picture of her getting blessed by Father Ray, the Catholic Priest who blessed all the dogs each summer.

January 5, 2009

The Villager Dress

I ordered this pattern from the Sugar City Journal gals who have great style, and I couldn't wait to make the little villager dress. So I was happy when I got the chance for my good friend's daughter's birthday #2.

It has to be one of the harder garments I've made. I can't wait to do another though since now I know the pattern. I even put a little "Etame" label inside. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of that.

I think one little girl is eyeing a little villager dress of her own.