July 30, 2008

Cup Feeding

These little metal cups are used to feed the babies. They are easier to wash and keep sanitary for the care center. Plus, it is better for the under nourished babies in that they can take it all in without having to suck. Messy but the kids seem to be used to it. Etame took to the bottle quickly, despite my worries, and loved the natural nurturing of it.

July 27, 2008

Home Again, Home Again...

Happy go Flannigan. Ah, that's what my mom always said. It's good to be home. We got to our house about 9pm last night and Etame has been doing well. She is a joy. Smiley and makes little coo sounds. Sometimes she inhales and makes a funny giggle. We are in love with her. She has a terrible cold so we're hoping to have the doctor look at her Monday. She also have what looks like pink eye and eczema. Poor little thing.

Lee has the cold as well and is really run down. James and I made it through unscathed. Boy was Ethiopia an eye opener. The people were warm and welcoming and even though many would say they wanted to come to America, I doubt they could be much happier here. Their relationships with others and true and kind. Lee said he even saw two soldiers linking arms while crossing the street. Very affectionate culture.

We are getting caught up with phone calls, emails, and looking through the mail. We pick up Indy today although we got a message that the owner of the kennel was in an accident. I need to investigate but am thinking my good friend picked her up as she was listed as an emergency contact.

Our fabulous friends and neighbors and making meals for us all week, maybe 2 weeks! We are thrilled to be under such care!

I purchased some artwork in Addis at the golf course that has Ethiopia colors on it with an embryo in the middle. It's really cool and I can't wait to hang it up. Little Etame. Holt gave us life books customized with each child's information. Truly an amazing gift to have for us to share with her some day.

We're home so those of you living close by, please don't be a stranger. We miss you all!

July 13, 2008

We are in Dubai!

We made it! The flight was rather smooth for a 12 hour endeavor. We are now at the hotel and it is 4:50 in the morning. It is like Star Wars here the buildings are so futuristic and ridiculous. This hotel is luxury. Private balcony overlooking the pool and ocean. Crazy palatial - I feel like we should be on our honeymoon or something. I have never stayed at someplace as nice as this. It was hot and humid even at night when we got in. All the cars seem new as well as the roads.

James didn't think the flight was bad at all as he slept most of it. He said the drive to NYC was longer.

More later after we explore this strange new world. Many women in burkas and men in long dress. I shouldn't have watched 24 of which I downloaded before we left for the trip. Ha!

July 12, 2008


We made it to JFK airport. We left Baltimore at 2:10 and got here at 8:00 (at the ticket counter)

Lee just about blew a gasket getting around Brooklyn. But we're here and eating now. We figure when we return and after driving all that way back home we won't get to our house until 8pm.

James is fading which should make for a quiet front part of the trip.

When we were leaving a little boy across the street said to James as he was in the car, "We're going to Ocean City" to which Janes replied, "we're going to Dubai!" good thing I don't think he knew where that was or James would have seemed really snobby.

Lee's phone should have service wherever we are. We are staying at the Westin in Dubai.

More later...

July 11, 2008

4th of July

Thanks to our wonderful neighbors and friends, Angie and Ben, who have a roof top deck, we were able to experience Fourth of July B-more (or "Bawlmer") style. Mom and Dad were able to see what it's like during Baltimore summers with all the fireworks and everyone up top of their houses.

Here are a couple pictures that will last in my memory.

105 dresses picture

When my mom was here we finally laid out all the dresses and took a picture. Here are all 105 of them!

They are nicely packed into a suitcase (they take up a gigantic one on their own). We have also picked up some other items to donate to the centers such as t-shirts, playing cards with American flags, children's books, baby items, soaps, candies, cookies, licorice, gum, hand towels, nail polish, and m&m's. I think we have enough now! Thank you to my sister, Ann for the suggestions!

We're all packed now and waiting to go. We have to drive up to JFK airport in New York tomorrow and we don't fly out until 11pm. It will be a long day just leading up to taking off. The hope is that with the late flight time James will sleep most of the 13+ hr. flight to Dubai.

Thank you to all who helped make the dresses, especially mom who cut out most of them and mailed them to me. It was an amazing accomplishment that we will all share.

One more day!

We are leaving tomorrow! I think we finally have all of our shopping done. Now we just need to cram it into our suitcases. Not an easy feat. We meet our new baby in less than a week, on Thursday the 17th. I am looking forward to 3 relaxing vacation days in Dubai first.

We are going to try to blog while there but I hear the connection is super slow. Stay tuned...