April 24, 2008

2 More Weeks...

That's the new estimate - at least 2 more weeks. So don't go jumping each time you get a phone call from me (I'll try to do the same when my phone rings).

I talked with Holt today and they said they've been so busy and they'll know more next week. {sigh} What more can we do? At least we're off to Oregon in the morning for a little reprieve and some much needed cousin and good friend time for James. Me too. Here I come.

April 17, 2008

All is Quiet

We haven't heard anything from our agency. I'm trying to stay optimistic but then my mind creeps into, "what if we are in June with no referral still?". It's agonizing really and I'm exhausted from the adoption path. Many ups and downs, my only hope is that it will all wash away when we see our daughter for the first time.

James had his 4 year old doctor's visit yesterday and had to get 5 shots! We are blessed that he goes with the flow and has a high pain tolerance. NO tears even.

The weather is nice here and we have been out enjoying it each day, meeting new friends and trying to connect with old.

April 8, 2008

Dossier in Ethiopia

We found out that our dossier has been sent to Ethiopia! Now it will be translated while we wait a referral. So when we do get a referral, it will have one less step to travel (and it has traveled MANY steps).

Please pray those precious papers reach Ethiopia safely and that our precious daughter will be revealed to us very soon. Hopefully later this month!

Also, on another bit of good news, the first family from our agency has received their court date! So the first families should travel in May to pick up their children. Court date to travel is about 2-3 weeks, so this is a big milestone and a sign things are quickly progressing. Yay!

I'm off to watch American Idol - isn't this the week for Idol Gives Back? The scenes from Addis somewhat scared me last week, although the story was just heart-wrenching and at the same time heart-warming. I can't wait to see more this week and I'm happy to see people are being exposed to Ethiopia, me included.

April 5, 2008

Jesus "Healed" a Deaf Man

James, in the back seat, after picking him up from school: "Mom, Jesus pealed a deaf man".

Me: "Yes, Jesus did heal a deaf man."

James: "No, Jesus p-e-a-l-e-d a deaf man. Mom, what's pealed mean?"

Me: "Trying to keep from bursting with laughter, "Oh honey. I think he healed him, meaning made him better."

James: "No, I'm sure it's pealed."

April 4, 2008

Common April!

Dear April -

I'm cheering for you. Please let it be you that brings us news of our new daughter. Mid or Late month, I'm not that choosy, especially after waiting this long. I am hoping for you and for me. Because if it doesn't happen this month, I'll have to take it out on May, and nobody wants that to happen.

Nicole and family

April 1, 2008


Dyeing Easter eggs...

I tried using some unconventional decorating ideas - some worked and some didn't. Round little stickers, 3-hole reinforce stickers, and rubber bands. I loved the rubber bands - no mess and good result. Must remember that for next year.

James couldn't wait to peel and eat them.

Easter goods - a Trunki (rolling/riding suitcase) filled with games and candy.

Finding Easter eggs, over and over and over again.

Easter egg hunt at Patterson Park. Very fun despite the cold weather.

10 egg limit, although there were so many scattered all over the area. It was well-sponsored by a local children's toy store.