August 28, 2012


We were about to go to sleep tonight and Calvin said I should go check on Tosca since she's been getting out of her crib about oh, 20 times per night before she goes to sleep.  You know, just check on her to make sure she's not asleep on the floor on top of all the books or something.

So I go in and I hear a whimper coming from her on the wrong side of the room.  She's all snuggled in with Etame, cuddled up with Etame's arm for security.

I left her there.  They will probably sleep better than ever.

I didn't even stage the picture, although my sister brilliantly suggested doing so with kids who are fighting a lot.  These two get along quite well, most of the time.  When Tosca is not being a bully and Etame a pushover.  I am reminded how lucky I am again tonight.  I'm a lucky mom to these beautiful kids.

(This was taken during "nap time")

August 26, 2012

All Moved! And End of Year Teacher's Gifts

We're all moved to the west coast now!  The kids haven't started school yet so it still feels like an extended vacation.  Nice weather, visitors, and even a side trip to Las Vegas for Calvin and I.  This summer has been busy, if a little scrambled.

We're in our house now and enjoying being settled and finally knowing where most of our belongings are (we never found the silverware tray though!)

The end of school was insane.  I was on the phone several times per day talking to moving people at one point.  I did manage to finish some teachers gifts that I was excited to give them.

Fabric Boxes!  This one was for Landon's teacher.  

I picked up the pattern at our local quilt shop.  It wasn't the easiest to follow or to sew.  I do love the results. The fabric was all from my stash.  I did buy this very stiff insert material to keep the sides and bottom flat and upright.

The binding had to be all hand sewn like a quilt is around the edges.

This one was for Etame's teacher.  I adored both of their teachers this year.  Making them something is my way of telling them I appreciate them.  I hope they felt that sentiment.

The boxes have zipper pockets on each long side on the outside and then pouches on the inside to hold pens, pencils, and scissors. This fabric was also from my stash.  I need to do more smallish projects like this to use my stash!

Appropriate for a teacher, no?

As stressful the end of the school year can be, I just love to complete these types of projects.  Etame even has her own label!  hee-hee.

Now, onto new schools and new teachers starting after Labor Day!