December 27, 2010

Baby Shower!

Our playgroup organizer and great friend finally was united with her daughter from China this month!  She waited over 4 years and her little baby girl couldn't be cuter!

 The shower was a surprise that we held at Lisa's house, who has a gorgeous older home with tall ceilings and a very grand feel.

It was our Christmas playgroup as well hence the Christmas/baby shower tree.

Here is the 100 good wishes quilt which I made am still finishing for Carrie.

 The lovely moms.

The guest of honor herself!  See, I told you she was cute.  And strong!  And happy!

The whole lot.  Used to be we were a small group of 6 kids.  Now we have 14!  Doubled in less than 5 years - quite an accomplishment!

I am truly lucky to have these friends for support and laughter and I value them more and more each time we get together.

December 25, 2010

A Merry Christmas

Here is some of our morning.  Kids are excited, but sick with ear infections.  Etame's ear burst at some point as there was blood in her ear last night.  Typical with her, she didn't complain a bit but said, "I go see the doctor", pointing to her ear.  Landon has ear pain as well so we are headed to some sort of quick clinic tomorrow.  Why does this always happen on the holidays?!  Poor little kids.

We are having a relaxing day, complete with some snow today and lots of prettiness all around.  Merry Christmas!

Revised to add:  Okay, it's taken me all day long to get this post out, it's no longer relaxing here (who was I kidding?!), and I'm ready for the kids to be in bed.

December 21, 2010

It's Official

Santa will be able to deliver Tosca's Christmas presents!

 We have been preparing so much for Christmas this year, I will be glad to just rest on Christmas day and see the kids play with their new toys from Santa.

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 13, 2010


I realized I never put up my Thanksgiving pictures.  We had another fabulous year at the Buzzerds.  We love them for including us each year as part of their family!

 The table was set just lovely.

 Even the kids' table was gorgeous.

But the most beautiful was her new kitchen.  The lighting is soft and cozy.  We had good conversation and lots of new energy this year with 3 new babies (their super-nice neighbors had twins, and Tosca). 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  The holiday before the hustle of Christmas.  I'm hoping to slow down before Christmas too, as December is flying by!

December 10, 2010

The Drapes are Done!

Here are drapes that I've been working on for a client/neighbor/friend of mine.  She's been VERY patient throughout the fall while I finished them.  Between driving cross country and having a baby, they have been a bit delayed.

They are floor to ceiling, lined, weighted, slot heading drapes with a gathered/ruffled top.  I love the fabric she choose and they really turned out nice, if I do say so myself (insert pat on the back here).


Onto the next project!  A stocking for Tosca...

December 9, 2010

Christmas Tree Shopping

This is it!  We only looked at two trees and decided - it was cold!

 We went to a new (to us) farm this year.  They also sold eggs and cornish hens.  So I spent all the remaining money on that.  I'm a sucker for fresh and local.

They had two giant bull mastifs and this little corgie (sp?) that ruled the farm.

Hot chocolate was had by all, even Etame who spilled it all over the car. In all fairness it was probably my fault on the hand-off.

Home!  We could have just cut one in our back yard, if we had any fir trees.

December 8, 2010

Lost in Translation

Sometimes I feel like we are living in that movie, Lost in Translation.  Here are some recent conversations with a certain 2 year old in our house lately:

- L:  "It tasted good".  E:  "No I take turns".

- L:  "I want to watch Pokeman".  E:  "No, she's not a Pokey Mom. She's a Special Mom".

- Me to Landon: "Did you eat your raisins?"  E:  "No, you don't eat my Ravens" looking down at her Ravens jersey.

- L:  "Let's watch Nanny McPhee".  E:  "Make my feet!  Make my feet!"


December 4, 2010

It's Gameday!

We're hoping and praying here.  haha

Love the outfit - thanks Calahans!  Go Beavers!

December 1, 2010

Red Thread

This is what I've been working on over the Thanksgiving Weekend.  My friend Carrie is in China now picking up her little girl!  This quilt is her 100 good wishes quilt, where those close to her send in fabric squares and they are sewn together to welcome the baby and to have as a keepsake.

As I started the red border this afternoon, it reminded me of the symbolism "the red thread" has that ties adoptive parents together with their child's birth country, China.

It's coming together quite nicely and I hope to have it done by the time she returns, which is soon - yikes!