November 26, 2010

6 Weeks Old

Here's our little girl at 6 weeks old!  She is smiling and making a "goo" sound as she looks up at me.  So in love!

November 8, 2010

4 Weeks Old

4 weeks ago, we were on the other side... of the birth of Tosca.  We wondered what she looked like, what her temperament would be, and how our life would change.

We couldn't be happier and our family feels full and alive by adding her to the mix.  She is a sweet baby and we feel oh so blessed.

 Here she sleeps in my carrier, as she does each evening while I slowly get dinner together.

Looking so peaceful despite the screaming and running that is happening around her.

November 7, 2010

Another Christmas Gift Finished

This one is for Tosca.  I've worked on this for way too long.  I started it before we picked up Etame, which was, um, over 2 years ago.  So, here he is.  Meet Ziggy Zebra:

I knitted him, stuffed him, stitched him together, and then embroidered eyes, nostrils, and a smile on him. I think he's pretty cute and I'm hoping he will get much love from the littlest girl.

November 2, 2010

Handmade Christmas

I have this dream of making all of our Christmas gifts.  That I would have the energy, creativity, and time needed to do so is probably unrealistic.  But one little girl will be getting this special doll come Christmas morning.

I have been working on this little beauty since summer.  The pattern was made by a woman who also has an adopted daughter from Ethiopia and lives in Portland.  I didn't know all this when I picked up the pattern at Bolt to buy it, but the cashier told me so.  Then a few minutes later I was able to meet her as she happened to stop by the store with her daughter.  It makes me happy to support independent crafters and that she has this special connection just makes it better.

I made the two little gathered skirts shown quickly by using old dress shirts of Calvin's.  The sleeve of the shirt is the perfect size and already has one of the seems done.  Recycled clothing is my favorite fabric - economical and resourceful. 

The skirts will be easy for Etame to dress the doll and pull off and on.  Can't wait to see her reaction when she opens this doll on Christmas morning!

November 1, 2010

An unlikely pair

Landon and Etame were quite the pair last night.

Abe Lincoln and Miss Unicorn.

They did great walking the mile around our neighborhood and Etame had a death grip on her candy bag.  Landon has bee infatuated with Abraham Lincoln since midway through last year when we read about all the presidents.  My dad bought him the beard and hat at Lincoln's boyhood home as we drove back cross country this summer.  A trip to Gettysburg later and a picture with the statue of Lincoln sealed the deal - he would make a perfect Lincoln for Halloween!  He did too.

It was fun meeting new neighbors and neighbors we hadn't seen since last Halloween and we had a beautiful pink sunset to watch.  By the end of the night, the unicorn was lagging behind but a good time was had by all!