December 13, 2007

My laptop's been hijacked...

... by a certain 3 year old. He has found and now wants to play it ALL THE TIME. He even talks about it when we're out and about. Hopefully it's a novelty and will pass. I don't like the idea of him being a video game junkie. ;-)

I wanted to post this picture of my latest craft project. This on top of finishing a jacket for James, a coat for myself, and 6 costumes for the school Christmas play. Whew. But it's been fun and I have a whole new slew of ideas I'm sketching for projects and presents to make in the new year.

We are supposed to be getting a major storm here over the weekend, although that's all I keep hearing the news talk about. I haven't heard of any details. Just teasers. People, I don't have time to hear the whole story - just give me a synopsis!

Here are the stockings, a tradition we are carrying into our family. Mine was made by my great aunt, when I was born I assume. Hence the lovely 70's gold.

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