December 23, 2007

Our Snow Angel

The first snow, a couple weeks ago. James was completely excited to make his first snow angel. Here he is out on the back porch, rolling around in it with Indy.

He's still trying to put all this Santa business together. He recently asked us if Santa delivered presents from the sky and the reindeer threw them down on the houses. Then he asked if Santa gave presents to God. He's a thinker. Plus, he has all kinds of information about Joseph, which he was in his school play. He informed us that he wasn't married to Mary and that he really wasn't Jesus' dad. That God was. Today we had a good sermon at church about Joseph and his importance in his human role of dad to Jesus. I tried to get James to listen but he was too distracted by the pound cake that a friend had made for us. We had to dive into it before church was over - we were desperate! Lee had a birthday blessing and James thought the cake was for the occasion.

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