March 6, 2008

4 months

We're officially at 4 months of waiting since we sent in our dossier to our agency.

Today I mailed off a new Power of Attorney that Ethiopia is requiring. I mailed it to Annapolis to get state certified. In Maryland, we have to first sign, notarize, city certify, then state certify. It's so confusing. Some of the documents then had to be authenticated at the federal letter by the embassy. Lots of steps for one document.

But it's in the mail and when I get it back from Annapolis, then I can send it in to Holt.

4 months now, since we sent our dossier in, back in October. We are still #2 on the list.

"Wishing, and hoping, and dreaming and wishing..." - isn't that a song from My Best Friend's Wedding? I've been singing this lately.

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