March 14, 2008

Dress Love - Again!

I received another wonderful group of dresses today. So lovely. This also via Kimberly and made by her mother. Thank you!

Look at this detail (little heart stitching above the ruffle)!

Secretly, my favorite is the cherry and vibrant blue fabric. Where can I get more of that?!

So now only 19 dresses. I cannot believe how much help I've received on this second 50. I've hardly sewn a stitch lately and the numbers keep going up! Thanks so much again.

We hope to get our referral any week now. We have one Power of Attorney letter that needs to get authenticated and we should be receiving it soon. I mailed it to Annapolis early last week. Once we have that, our agency can have our dossier ready to be sent to Ethiopia when we receive our referral!

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