April 8, 2008

Dossier in Ethiopia

We found out that our dossier has been sent to Ethiopia! Now it will be translated while we wait a referral. So when we do get a referral, it will have one less step to travel (and it has traveled MANY steps).

Please pray those precious papers reach Ethiopia safely and that our precious daughter will be revealed to us very soon. Hopefully later this month!

Also, on another bit of good news, the first family from our agency has received their court date! So the first families should travel in May to pick up their children. Court date to travel is about 2-3 weeks, so this is a big milestone and a sign things are quickly progressing. Yay!

I'm off to watch American Idol - isn't this the week for Idol Gives Back? The scenes from Addis somewhat scared me last week, although the story was just heart-wrenching and at the same time heart-warming. I can't wait to see more this week and I'm happy to see people are being exposed to Ethiopia, me included.


  1. That's so exciting! You guys are definitely in our prayers!

  2. Can you believe Michael Johns got voted off??? I LOVED him! But kudos for their informational and moving piece on the crisis in Africa and hope it calls people to adopt and/or help with one of the greatest humanitarian crisis in our lifetime.


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