April 1, 2008


Dyeing Easter eggs...

I tried using some unconventional decorating ideas - some worked and some didn't. Round little stickers, 3-hole reinforce stickers, and rubber bands. I loved the rubber bands - no mess and good result. Must remember that for next year.

James couldn't wait to peel and eat them.

Easter goods - a Trunki (rolling/riding suitcase) filled with games and candy.

Finding Easter eggs, over and over and over again.

Easter egg hunt at Patterson Park. Very fun despite the cold weather.

10 egg limit, although there were so many scattered all over the area. It was well-sponsored by a local children's toy store.

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  1. I love the first picture with you and James! And the pictures at the Easter egg hunt too--looks like a movie star in the background. Must be a famous clothing designer! Happy Easter!


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