June 11, 2008

Dear LaVaughn,

We are sending a little something to LaVaughn. Something meaningful but that she could touch and feel. I wanted to send pictures. So I thought of sending her a fabric book. I purchased paper you can print on from JoAnn's and sewed the photos into a book after bordering them. On the cover is a picture of her.

With it, we will include a letter to her:

Dear LaVaughn –

Only a couple months until we come to visit you and bring you home. We will be your forever family. Although we will have just met you, you have lived in our hearts forever. You are meant to be with us, and us with you.

Your big brother James will also come to pick you up. He is overjoyed at having a baby sister, already making you presents and planning that you will have “a pink bike” so you can ride together in the park. He does want you to know that he will always be older than you though. With that I’m sure he will protect you and take you under his wing.

We can’t wait to hold you and see what different expressions you have, how you move, your laugh. At 6 months old, you will be full of character, and we are anxious to really know you. We want to give you kisses and hugs and hold you real tight. Half a world away, you await us, not knowing what is in store for you. Nor do we know what’s in store for us. God chooses our families and we are blessed to have you in ours.

Soon enough we will be there, half a world away, with you in our arms, forever a family.

With more love than you can imagine,
Mom and Dad


  1. Ok, I'm crying. I've had my LaVaughn-Etame-is-coming-to-Cooksie-Street cry for the day - haha. What a beautiful book and beautiful letter for your beautiful daughter!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I LOVE the book you made for your daughter. I may have to snag this idea. I tried to look back thru your blog for an explanation of the dress project but couldn't find it. Maybe I missed it. Could you explain. I sew too and have been try to come up with an idea to incorperate sewing and a project for the kids at the orphanage. :)

  3. Ahhh

    That brought tears to my eyes!

    - Sunshine


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