June 3, 2008

Updated info on Etame

We received 3 reports on Etame yesterday in the mail, plus one on email. She seems to be doing well. She did have pink eye at one point and some of the writing we couldn't read. It was hand written. Mostly updates on her immunizations, but one comment said that she was "calm and content and responded lovingly to her nannies".

I really enjoy to hear the updates as it makes me feel more that she really is somewhere, real, and waiting for us. I think it must be harder for Lee. He came up to me last night while I was on my computer and in his matter-of-fact way says, "You know, this having to wait after we receive her referral is tough. I think we should be able to just go and get her". I hear you. I gave him a big hug and realized that she is most definitely already his daughter.

Soon. Soon we will come get you Etame.


  1. Awe that is the sweetest thing I have read in a long time....
    It's amazing to see guys show there feelings, You know because they are diffrent than us!!!

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  3. Oh that made me cry. : ) You'll get her soon. We can't wait to meet her.


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