July 11, 2008

105 dresses picture

When my mom was here we finally laid out all the dresses and took a picture. Here are all 105 of them!

They are nicely packed into a suitcase (they take up a gigantic one on their own). We have also picked up some other items to donate to the centers such as t-shirts, playing cards with American flags, children's books, baby items, soaps, candies, cookies, licorice, gum, hand towels, nail polish, and m&m's. I think we have enough now! Thank you to my sister, Ann for the suggestions!

We're all packed now and waiting to go. We have to drive up to JFK airport in New York tomorrow and we don't fly out until 11pm. It will be a long day just leading up to taking off. The hope is that with the late flight time James will sleep most of the 13+ hr. flight to Dubai.

Thank you to all who helped make the dresses, especially mom who cut out most of them and mailed them to me. It was an amazing accomplishment that we will all share.

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