September 15, 2008

Change of Plans

I pulled James out of school today. Pre-K. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I dropped him off this morning, his chair was in the back of the room and he was put in isolation. Apparently this was from something that happened Friday afternoon.

I'm not sure what he could could have done to cause such extreme measures as to be punished over a weekend on an extended time out. That would not be all. When I asked the teacher about it, she said he "would stay there for a few days until he learned to calm down".

Enough said. I pulled him. It's been a trying day and he's tired too. Lee has been most supportive and we went out to the neighborhood restaurant for dinner. The weather was beautiful here today and we took two trips to the park. Now I am ready to retire for the day.

Thanks to everyone whom I polled on what to do in this situation. It overwhelms me to think of the support of good friends and close family I have to call upon during times like these. My strength comes from you today. Especially Mom who told me to rush right over there to get him and that I do not have a "wild" child - he's just a 4 yo boy.


  1. You absolutely did the right thing. He is not wild, he's 4 - just like you said.

    One thing I've learned in my short time as a mom is that you have to do what your heart tells you is the right thing for your child...I am proud of you for following your heart and doing what was best for him.

  2. How would a 4 year old even remember what happened three days ago? I absolutely would have done the same thing w/my son (also in Pre-K). You have to be firm with little kids, but also understand that they're little kids!!!! Great job sticking up for your son!

  3. I am SO SORRY! I would have done just the same thing. Poor little man! I don't think teachers appreciate the nature of four year old boys.
    You should read The Power of Play by David Elkind. I just read in and wrote a review on my blog. It is a wonderful book giving insight into children's learning style.

  4. Glad you did what you needed to do for your son! I have two boys who are 6 years old. Sitting still at a desk all day is not an option. Hugs to your little guy~


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