November 1, 2008

What a Difference a School Makes

James is now back at his old Lutheran preschool. The drawbacks are that we no longer can walk to his school, we don't see neighborhood friends and church friends at the school too, no Spanish lessons, and well... that's about it. Because on the good front, he is happier!

No more angry aggression in the evenings and instead it has been replaced with Jesus songs, blessings, compliments to me on dinner, and him reminding me what life is about - relationships and people around you. As an example, while driving him home yesterday he says, "Mom, you now what friends are for?" I had to really think about it because it's such a simple question yet with so much meaning. Then he says, "For playing, laughing, and helping when they can't do something."

Now, tell me that's not what a nursery school should be about. Yes, he's relearning his alphabet and sounds, but he's back to basics and being nurtured. It's not a bad word at this school.

Here he is with one of his beautiful cousins, whom he misses sooooo much.

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  1. Nice to see an update, I was wondering what happen to ya? :-) YOur new little one is so adorable and I cant believe how big her big brother is getting!
    Glad to hear about the new school working out. We will have to talk sometime because I had the same issues with my 4 year old last year at school. This year is amazing we changed schools and he is soooo happy!!


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