December 23, 2008

Chocolate and The Dog

Yesterday morning we awoke to a tiny bit of wrapping paper laying on the floor, torn and a bit wet. I did a bit of investigating with the only clue being a little sticker on the paper saying "nuts and chews". Hmmm... then aha! Indy must have gotten into the chocolates that Liz, the babysitter, brought over last night! Oh bother. Fast forward throughout the day...

- Contact vet.
- Contact animal poison control.
- Give Indy hydrogen peroxide to throw up.
- James throws up.
- Etame has poopy diaper.
- I have an appointment at the gym which I need to get everyone to.
- Indy throws up.
- Leave Indy outside.
- That evening, talk to Lee and ponder if Indy really could eat all the packaging too.
- Suggest to Lee that maybe it got scooted under the couch.
- Look under couch.
- There's the full box of chocolates with one little bit of wrapping paper missing. I assume it said... "nuts and chews".

Merry Christmas to all!


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