January 24, 2009

Christmas Pictures

I realize I am late to post these. So at the urging of my mom, here are some pictures of the kids at Christmas...

Blowing out the advent candle. The most anticipated event of the evening:

Read to eat our special lobster and steak dinner. We enjoyed the lobster tails so much we decided next year to drop the turf and just do surf:

Christmas cookie making. It's possible this was actually post-Christmas as we were a little behind on our activities:

Many Star Wars gifts for James this year. Now he asks us each about 10 times per day, "want to play lightsabers?":

Wow! Wrapping paper!:

How'd that get in there:
Etame looks a bit scared, no?:

One of her crazy fun looks. She is still our happy little girl:

The yearly visit from Santa at church. Love that we don't have to wait in lines at the mall to sit on his lap. Plus, they give out oranges to the kids. How cute is that? A little retro and I love our little church:

He was a shepherd, a proud shepherd too:

Never camera shy, James taking a minute to pose while walking in:

Beside having the flu run rampant through the house, we managed to have a very happy holiday. Please don't be offended if you did not get a Christmas card. No one did, yet. Maybe we'll make it a Valentine's Day card.

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  1. Oh, thank goodness I'm not the only one who hasn't sent out cards yet. Is it acceptable to just cross out "Christmas" and write "Valentine's Day"?


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