February 11, 2009


Bedtime around here is my favorite time of day. Not just because it means the house will soon be quiet (like a Friday before the weekend). But also because it's when the funniest things happen.

Exhibit picture A. James thinks it's hilarious to wear (clean) underwear on his head for laughs.

Then while I left them upstairs to unwind, James stands up at the top of the stairs and says, "Mom, when I swing Blue over my head like this and yell 'COWBOY' that means come up here". Blue is his favorite stuffed animal. A Blue-eyed white and black striped tiger of which is the main character of many stories from Dad.

This statement got a laugh from me. He is always saying, when I say this, it means _____. When I say this, it means _____. Like he's making his own code.

We're all finally feeling better around here. Thankful for that! Just in time for tennis tomorrow which is always a highlight of my week!

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  1. Ask him if when he says, "I think I kind of like the Ravens now," that really means, "I like the STEELERS."


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