July 17, 2009

Our New House!

We are so thrilled to have found "our little country house".

Our closing date is August 31, which is also Landon's first day of school. Anyone who knows us knows that we don't avoid chaos in our lives. We like to keep it exciting!

Here is the outside (1.75 acres with probably only 1 acre landscaped):

And here is the kitchen and garage (they are selling the tractor/lawnmower and cart to us too):

Finally, here are more rooms (there are 5 bedrooms!) and the pool table, which they are selling with the house:

I took Landon to the school he will attend for Kindergarten and we met the principal, a nice classy man. I am thrilled for him to go to this school which has national Blue Ribbon recognition. We are on cloud nine about this whole move. Bring on the boxes!!!


  1. It's lovely! You'll invite me over, right?

  2. Congrats on the new house!!!


  3. Love seeing the pics! The cul-de-sac and property look fantastic too! Moving at the same time is kind of like having babies at the same time. We are still unpacking but glad we survived! Wish I could be there to help you!

  4. Omg how exciting! The kids are looking older every day. :] Love the videos- adds a nice touch. And of course the children running in and out of some of the shots made me laugh.


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