August 9, 2009

New Backpack

I made a new backpack while in Oregon, for Landon and his start at Kindergarten.

Although I had no pattern, the inspiration was here. The outside is a heavy gray canvas and I used a medium weight interfacing on the front, back and flap to give it structure.

It is now known as The Harry Potter Backpack because of the owl and moon fabric which lines the inside, inside flap, and straps. Plus, we have to make it sound cool because he's entering that age where he wants commercialized products more and more.

School starts at the end of the month!


  1. love it!! Do you have a serger or just a basic machine? I just have a basic machine, but I have put so many miles on it I think it my be time for an upgrade. Great job making up your own pattern. That can be tricky :P

  2. LOVE the backpack! You are so creative. They are only in commercial stuff for while and then they want something no one else has. You are ahead of the curve.

  3. Why wasn't I the one born with the creative genes? I love, love the pack and think you are amazing!


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