September 30, 2009

Weber's Farm

This past Monday there was no school for Landon so I took the kids and headed to Weber's Farm, on the outskirts of Baltimore and very close to us.

Etame loved the little kids activities

This turkey was angry or mean or hungry. Doesn't it look like a Star Wars character in the face?

The slide, a perennial favorite

Etame liked the goats from a distance. She liked the bunnies the best, and really did not like the chickens. She ran from them.

How cute?

For the scrapbook

And this is how our day ended. Etame was quite angry with Landon as she did not want to share "her" apple cider slushie with anyone. We will have a strong-willed little miss in our house, I feel it coming on.


  1. Looks like lots of fun!! Love the last picture.

  2. We are headed there on Tuesday! I've never been. I'm excited!

  3. Great photo's, I remember those last photo moments. All worth it though. They are sooooo cute.


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