November 3, 2009

The Snack Bag Makeover

In the interest of being an honest crafter, I feel it's important to post (some) of my failed projects. This is one.

I tried to make Landon a snack bag for school. It has to have his name on it and "snack" and I was tired of throwing away paper bags each day when sending them with hi and writing the same thing each day. So, here was my first attempt. I tried to use free-hand stitching and it just didn't come out like I had hoped.

He did use it for a few weeks until this week when I had a chance to make a new and improved one. This time out of fun truck print canvas fabric that I bought at Superbuzzy a while back.

I can see now that the next picture wasn't too in focus as I was hurrying to take this shot. It has his initials in felt and closes with a star button and elastic loop.

Onto the next project again!

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