December 4, 2009

The Makeover Part II - The Bathroom

This room was the second worse-decorated room in the new house. Wooden toilet seat, pink toilet, faux marble vanity top and plastic faux wood for the rest of the vanity, and a vinyl floor on concrete. It needed help and was a definite makeover waiting to happen since we first looked at the house.

It even had a Dixie cup dispenser! I could have left that for nostalgia.

This bathroom is downstairs and will be used as a guest bathroom since it's across from the guest bedroom and the bathroom has a shower behind the door.

Here is the after picture!

New tile floor - thanks Dad! New vanity and toilet - thanks Dad! New light - thanks Dad! I painted the walls a pretty blue/green, although this picture looks more green. It was a big undertaking but the transformation is so fun to see. It feels clean and fresh now. Recognize the wall tin decor, Amy?

We had a great Thanksgiving and it was so fun to have my parents here. So hard to say goodbye and the next day was really sad and lonely. But things are getting back to normal and I am shocked how much I have gotten done this week.

Tomorrow we are headed to NYC for a little shopping and dining to get us in the Christmas spirit - have I mentioned how much I love New York? Which is funny because the first time we went there we hated it. But now I love it and each time I go I wished we lived there. I may be over that, but we are lucky to be so close that we can go up and back in a day. I plan to hit the garment district because of course I need more fabric - haha.


  1. I am so impressed! It looks lovely!

  2. Wow, love your makeovers!!!! YOu need your own show! :-)


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