March 13, 2010

Reading Time

Before bedtime, we read books.  Calvin's parents saved all of his childhood books so we get to read through the same pages his parents read to him from.  The vintage pictures and classic Dr. Seuss books are my favorite.  Landon thinks he's outgrowing some of them, but his favorite is still Wacky Wednesday and he can now read Ten Apples Up On Top.

Calvin usually arrives right at bedtime for Etame, so here they are getting their "goodnights" in.


  1. My mom just turned me on to a website that lists old Dr. Seuss books that are worth money. It's all based on the number on the spine of the book that starts with a "B" (i.e. B-17.) She just found a "Hop on Pop" that is worth $580 that was mine when I was little. You need to go through those books, girlie!

  2. I'll have to go find that! We have many from the '60s which were probably on the shelves a long time in the foreign countries where Calvin was a baby. Or some could have even been his dad's books. Would be interesting to find out their values but we use them so frequently, they're hardly in good shape. They all have bookplates in them too, every one of Calvin's books, with his full name. Most of them are a bird template but some are nursery rhymes pictures.


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