May 14, 2010

Nature Walk

For Mother's Day, we went on a nature walk around our property.  I had no idea of this one trail above our house.  It is a great short walk and could be therapeutic to go out there and walk the loop to clear the mind when the kids are melting down.

Landon insisted Daddy write down everything we saw:  Deer feeder, cardinal, ant, worm, squirrel, and one funny family carrying binoculars, a camera, paper, and pencil.

After our walk, we finished by riding bikes and doing some light yard work.

It was a great Mother's Day.  Calvin helped Landon create a scavenger hunt around the house, ending with a note written by Landon saying simply, "I love you".  I got two dozen roses as well, an afternoon nap, dinner cooked for me, and time with the family.  Couldn't ask for more!

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