September 1, 2010

Drapes Finished

Just finished these curtains/drapes for my friend Carrie.  They will be in her little girl's room who she is expecting to hear about in less than a month!  


She is adopting from China so she is on schedule to get her referral of her baby girl very soon.  I am on pins and needles praying for her to see a picture of her new daughter in this next group.  She has waited nearly 5 years!

These curtains were a special type of tab top that copies ones she had in her son's room.  I think they turned out very nice, tailored, and hope they work to counter all that pink that will fill the room.  The tab style is hidden, yet makes a nice faux pleat when put on the curtain rod.

I was very pleased with the results, and hope she is too.  It's always nerve wracking making something for another but usually my quality and standards are higher than when I make something for our own home!  These were lined with a made-from-bamboo fabric which had such a nice crisp, cool feel, like sheets that had been washed hundreds of times and stood up to the wear.

Onto the next project!  I would love to make some curtains this style for a few of our rooms, but I need to figure out paint and color scheme first!  I am also assembling a 100 good wishes quilt for Carrie for her daughter, once we decide on the design, size, and border fabric.  Can't wait to start on that too.  Hurray for finished projects!

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