September 30, 2010

No Baby Yet

So, I'm actually writing this post as to bring on labor.  As in, "no baby yet"... oops spoke too soon.  Playing reverse psychology with Murphy's Law you know?

Yes, we are anxiously awaiting baby #3.  8 days until my due date but still, it could happen any minute.  Or it could be 15 days away and they will induce me.  Come on baby, make an appearance soon!

When I was pregnant with Landon, there were certain things I really really missed, like wearing high heels and dressy clothes.  Slingback heels were popular then and I couldn't wait to go out and buy a pair once I was done carrying Landon.  So that's what I did.  A week after his birth I was wearing heels, lugging around Landon in his car carrier seat.  Practical?  No.  But it felt good.

This time around, my life must be so different because I miss other things.  Particularly, the ability to do projects around the house.  I have an incredible urge to paint and to get out major power tools and create.  I miss being able to lift heavy things with abandon and do more risk-taking skills like using ladders and a saw.

I recently found the best blog, Ana-White, written by a stay-at-home-mom who doesn't let any heavy duty machine intimidate her.  She has furniture plans she writes for her readers and posts for free!  There are plans for bookcases, storage cabinets, shelves, desks, toy storage bins, beds, and everything useful and functional for the modern family.  The plans are laid out so easy to understand.  I can't wait to try some of her projects.  What a talented woman!

Now, if we could just have the baby...


  1. Baby will come soon enough. I probably shouldn't remind you that Reagan was a week late. Ugh!!

    Btw - Love the blog. I've already bookmarked it and am thinking of making at least 1 of her projects.

  2. Come out baby! It may sound a little loud out here. Don't let that scare you!

  3. sound like typical nesting to me :) I painted my bathroom as I went into labor with my oldest. I had to pause and wait out the contractions so that I wouldn't mess up the edging. But I was Hell-bent to finish it before I had the baby. I did.


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