October 28, 2010

7 Hours!

Tosca slept 7 hours last night!  I woke up in a panic counting the time.  8:30 - 3:30!  I couldn't believe it and wondered if maybe I had fed her in there somewhere and just not remembered?  Anyhow, it made for a good night's sleep, even if she is feeding now every 2 /2 hours today to make up for it.

Calvin and Landon can't get enough.  Each morning Landon comes in and says, "Hi Tosca" in a super high voice.  Way cute.

Here she is with her eyes wide open.  In between cries.  This is my view holding her, which I do for most of the day (with no regrets).  She likes to be close.

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  1. It makes a world of difference to get that much sleep at a stretch. Congrats!


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