October 19, 2010



 Big brother took to her immediately.

Big sister didn't know what the excitement was all about but she was excited!  They finally got to meet her after one week of her being in the NICU.  Sibling visitation was Sunday and it was so special.  Today we get to bring her home... finally.  Much love will be bestowed upon our new little one.

My mom is in town (!) so we have lots of help this week.  The laundry pile has already magically disappeared.  When I saw her coming down the terminal, I had visions of Mary Poppins and had to look twice to see if she was carrying a black umbrella.


  1. I love the Mary Poppins reference! Your Mom is a gem and will be so nice to have around to help. Have a great time!

  2. Yes, mom is like Mary Poppins! she has a lot in her bag of tricks :-) SOOO happy that Tosca is home! Hip Hip Horray! I'll call when things settle down a little :-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. All three of your little ones are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing a little about your experience adopting from Ethiopia - it's always fun to see others who have made it!


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