November 2, 2010

Handmade Christmas

I have this dream of making all of our Christmas gifts.  That I would have the energy, creativity, and time needed to do so is probably unrealistic.  But one little girl will be getting this special doll come Christmas morning.

I have been working on this little beauty since summer.  The pattern was made by a woman who also has an adopted daughter from Ethiopia and lives in Portland.  I didn't know all this when I picked up the pattern at Bolt to buy it, but the cashier told me so.  Then a few minutes later I was able to meet her as she happened to stop by the store with her daughter.  It makes me happy to support independent crafters and that she has this special connection just makes it better.

I made the two little gathered skirts shown quickly by using old dress shirts of Calvin's.  The sleeve of the shirt is the perfect size and already has one of the seems done.  Recycled clothing is my favorite fabric - economical and resourceful. 

The skirts will be easy for Etame to dress the doll and pull off and on.  Can't wait to see her reaction when she opens this doll on Christmas morning!


  1. That's fantastic! She will love it.

  2. Cute! You did a great job!!! She is going to love it. I remember meeting you...that was fun. I'm so glad to see the finished result. :) Your family is beautiful.

  3. Oh, and yes, it is so crazy to be pregnant after adoption. I get so emotional with every kick and I think it is because I'm thinking of Mezmur's birth mom and how she was feeling at this point. Also, I've been thinking more of how much I missed with Mezmur, because feeling each kick and movement makes me feel closer to this baby...I don't want to take that away from her birth mother, but I wish I could've felt Mezmur's kicks and have stories to tell her about her ultrasound. You were just visiting Portland, right?


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