February 21, 2011


I have been wanting to make some coasters for our house for a few weeks, but then I had a birthday that I wanted to make for (hi Monica) and a birthday that I missed back when I was in the throws of taking care of a newborn (hi Michelle).  Sooo... I ended up making them coasters!

I chose fabrics that I had from my stash.  Ones I thought they each would love.

They were fairly simple to make.  I made them quilted, so they had some absorbency.  First I put cut the fabric 4x4 inches - 10 of them.  Then I cut 5 batting squares, same size.

Stack them up, right to right side and then the batting on top of the stack.  Sew all edges, leaving an opening of about 1 1/2 inches so you have room to turn inside out.

Cut off the corners so the corners when you turn them they lay nicely.

Turn them out using the opening you left and use a knitting needles or bone folder/pointed stick to get the corners square.

Iron and then top stitch along the edge, about 1/8 inch in, tucking under and catching while you sew, the opening you used for turning.

I gained some confidence on the first set and then added ribbon to the edges of the second.  They didn't come out perfect but I still liked the result.  I cut 4 in lengths of ribbon - 4 for each coaster.  Then sandwiched them in between the two pieces of fabric.  Just make sure the decorative part of the ribbon you'd like to show points towards the inside (yeah, I made that mistake at first - oops).

I hope that was somewhat clear.  I guess that's my first tutorial!  Some things are fairly straight forward but nice to have measurements and step-by-steps to follow.  If you are in need of some coasters and try it out, let me know please.  The recipients enjoyed their gifts which is the best part.  I love handmade.

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