April 5, 2011

Almost Crawling

Tosca is sooo close to crawling.  I know I will regret this, but I actually get excited to see infants learn how to crawl.  The sense of achievement and satisfaction on their face says it all.  Plus, she's a persistent one, and somewhat easily frustrated, very much like Landon.  Very much.

I've been taking more pics from my camera phone lately.  They're not the best quality but it's nice to be able to have it close by and capture some moments that otherwise may not have been.

She doesn't only have one arm in that picture - she just waves it so quickly, slapping the floor in a repetitive motion, happy with herself.  Guess the phone couldn't handle her lightning fast movements.

There she is doing her plank.  She practices this yoga move over and over throughout the day.  I think she's mastered it.  You can see the concentration on her face.  She is proud.  And serious.  And ready to move.

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