July 4, 2011

Etame's First Hair Cut

At three years old, Etame took her first trip to the salon.  Finding a place that had a hair stylist in our area that specialized in AA hair was nearly impossible.

Etame got the full treatment.  First, a wash.  Then a cut.

Then a blow-dry.  She would have never been this still for me.  Fueled by lollipops, she sat still for nearly an hour.

And then almost fell asleep.  I had to hold her head up at the end while she was braiding her hair.

The hair stylist was very good with Etame.  I was hoping for lots of beads and box braids but she did some looser french braids on her, which started coming out in just one day.

All finished!

Etame loved the treatment and I took her out for ice cream afterwards for a special treat!

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