July 23, 2011

The Four Hour Hair Style

It's true!  Etame's new hair style only took four whole hours to complete.  And not by me.  We went to a lady's house that had two AA (African American) daughters and was extremely experienced in all things braiding.

Amazingly, or not if you really know Etame's sweet and patient personality, she held still for all those hours and watched Disney Channel as this lady did cornrows on her.

Etame is thrilled with the new style and it's super easy now to take care of for the next two weeks.  She braided it up into two pigtails and then put "ballies" around the pigtails and three little pink bow beads on the end of each braid.

I don't know if I can stand to have her hair done like this very often, entertaining Tosca in a stranger's house all the while, but it's very cute and fun for a change of style.  She's gotten many compliments on it for sure!

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