November 30, 2011

The Bus Stop With a New Sweater

Here is the little bow-legged girl...

Big Sister will finally wear the sweater I knit for her that took three months to complete.  At first she wouldn't wear it but I left her with few options and she decided to try it on this morning.  At least she looks happy in this picture!

And the back.  The pattern is called "Roo" that I found off Ravelry.

My friend Sarah suggested I buy some buttons from M & J Trims online.  I've seen their store in NYC and they do have an amazing selection.  I haven't ever tried looking at their site though - need to do that.

Keeping Tosca out of the busy street.

I started the sweater in Oregon back in August and finished it in Maine in November.  It's 100% wool and very soft, made from yarn bought at Knitt'n Kitt'n in Portland.  Love that store.

Tosca's sweater is from Baby Gap and a hand-me-down from our friend Annette.  It's fleece lined and I'm so happy it fits her this season.

I've also finished a few other projects - a scarf, slipcovers, and am now working on another sweater for Etame.  It's a Fair Isle Cardigan - navy blue with different colors around the collar.


  1. It is soooo beautiful!!! I am amazed at your skill--you can truly do anything you put your mind to! Keep on crafting--amazing!
    Love you and miss you--Shila

  2. It turned out great! I love that you started it on one coast and finished it on another. Just keep telling Etame it was made with LOVE! Maybe whisper it to her while she's sleeping, may be more effective brain washing ;) - Sarah

  3. The sweater turned out amazing! I'm glad you posted about it, I wondered if you had finished it.


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