June 3, 2012

Goodbyes are Hard

We've been doing a great deal of goodbye-ing here.  It's nice to know friends care enough to send us off wrapped in love and good thoughts.

This is my fabulous group of playgroup friends.  Lately, we've managed to meet more without the kids and have enjoyed having full conversations that we once were unable to do.  We pretty much all met through (the best) kids music class, in Baltimore and have been friends and our kids have been friends for several years now.  We've had baby showers for one another and been through adoptions, moves, and many gathers.  I have been really truly blessed to have these strong and supportive women in my life.

Tosca really enjoyed herself at Etame's end of school picnic.  She enjoys herself pretty much anywhere people are.  I dressed them alike in the dresses I got at Petit Bateau while in Paris.  It's one of my favorite children's clothing brands.  Simple with little detailed such as the white buttons on the bodice with yellow stitching and embroidered "x"s in the middle.

I have absolutely loved Etame's preschool.  There's a sweetness about it, how nurturing they are to the children and kind and teaching them how to be king themselves.  It's everything a preschool should be.  I worry about finding that when we move.

Here's Etame with her good friend.  She will miss all the friendships she has kindled in her world.  It really is hard to say goodbye.

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