June 30, 2007


We have decided to switch gears (for now) and feel led to Ethiopia to find our daughter. Holt is opening up a new program in Ethiopia and since we had looked into Africa before, the wait times for China are creeping up over 3 years, and we will get a younger daughter, we are SUPER excited about this.

We are hoping to get our referral by the end of the this year and travel at the beginning of next! What a change of gears from always thinking we were over a year away from seeing our daughter.

Ethiopia only requires a one week visit. We will be a pilot family for Holt, although many are changing now that they have heard of the program. Our dossier will continue to be in China so we will have the option to complete that adoption at a later time (as long as it is at least a year after this adoption).

Lots to think about and switching countries has made us realize we don't know anything about African culture, for which we need to do some researching. I did however buy an African music CD yesterday in Whole Foods. :-) It sounds lovely.

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