June 24, 2007

Flea Markets and Falling Asleep

We went up to Pennsylvania today to scout out a flea market. We bought some vintage fabric, some little items to make up a kitchen for James, an old small iron and kids size ironing board for James' ironing interests as well. Gotta support that home keeping and pretend side of him.

James had to go potty on the way home so we pulled off the side of the road and let him go. He dropped trial right there with no hesitation which makes me think we ought to take him camping. He would LOVE it.

Mom had a chance to nap on the way home with Dad driving. Then when it came time for James to go to bed, Dad decided it was time he learned how to do it on his own. Hmmmm... for once Mom wasn't the one who caved. And here's evidence:

6:40 and all the house is quiet. Ahhh... summer fun.

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